Well I’m sitting here alone pounding back a few pints while I salivate at the fact that I’ve got more brews to pour into my veins in a torrent of golden glacial-fresh foaming rain. As a matter of fact, the beer’s making me reminisce about how a while ago I noticed people were doing all this ill shit they called hiphop. This was confusing because up to that point I thought ‘things’ like Vanilla Ice were hiphop and that the so-called “music” in question was completely limited to the trash being pumped out into popular culture; like an obese cancer-infested testicle waiting to pump out puss particles of paramount proportions. I hope that made you puke because the present marketing of music in general is still just as disgusting.Upon realising that syndicates such as the Wu-Tang were much more accurate ambassadors of the culture and after uncovering the pyre of bullshit that was placed before my eyes, I understood what HIPHOP and The Culture as a whole were about. After a short while, me and my drinking comrade, Lits Gunther, became somewhat influenced to join the ‘hype’, and so out of the combined psychotic alcohol binges that ensued, the formation of Vicious Visions became a consequence, if not a requirement, in order to maintain a satisfactory output of artistic expression that a bitter, disillusioned, and angry 19 to 20-year old individual might strive to achieve.Anyway, the natural progression of events was to band together, in tribal comfort and security, and build on our newly created hooliganism-inspired (or was it hiphop inspired, god only knows) organization by integrating MCs and fellow crime-comrades Mest and DieLoot. The formation of Babble Goons followed soon after as mine and Scribe’s philosophical and manic tendencies appeared to fuse together at their core eventually manifesting their mutant selves in the form of a Babbling duo with which you may be familiar today. Presently, the expansion is more rampant than ever as the onslaught of Caesarian Cut takes form. I would like to make a closing statement that comments on the actual importance of creating a syndicate such as Caesarian Cut … I think I speak for most of this crew when I say that what we are doing will hopefully make the average citizens cringe in discomfort at the realization that their social climates are being “polluted” by such a brutally truthful movement seeking to not only revolutionize (perhaps rather ambitiously) collective musical consciousness but to offer new roads of creative opportunity for followers, participants, and leaders alike.