I’ll jump into this shit right off the bat and infect your systems with some random babblings (disregarding any grammatical or structural rules that a scholastic type may require): we first thought we would have to just record on a tape deck or something but then we got all our equipment sponsored to us by some more fortunate friends and now we make these tracks all of a sudden. So maybe you should download a few (and buy them if you can afford them) and play them to your friends and be like ‘yo man this some vicious shit, dont let your moms hear!’ Because for sure your mom wouldn’t approve some of this shit. If you’re a female, she’d beat your ass if she found out you were hangin’ around kids like us. There’s plenty of murder and other sorts of vicious nonsense that we come up with because they cut off our supply of mental medicine and now we roam the streets hungry for flesh. And by flesh i mean your money.One time, the Beatles said ‘money can’t buy me love’ but i just think they never went to the right store or some shit. ‘Cause i’m pretty sure you can buy love with money as long as that love is affordable and follows some kind of investement or financial plan that your dad’s accountant can craftily integrate into your next tax report. ‘Cause he’s the tax man, oh yes. fuck, was it love or hookers? I dunno, i get confused often.