26th March, 1999. (Joint US and NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia), ground communications somewhere in northern Serbia:-Target in sight, heading: one-five-zero, distance: 59…scan!-Target acquired, heading: one-five-zero, distance 53!-Track manually!-Target is in launching zone, destroy the target with two, in series!-FIRST ONE LAUNCHED!*[b]fyiuuuuuuuushhhhhhhh*[/b]-SECOND ONE LAUNCHED![b]*fyiuuuuuuushhhhhhhhhh*[/b][i]Meanwhile, somewhere in the sky, about 8 miles away:[/i]-oh shit![b]*BWOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM*[/b]Yup yup, exactly 8 years and a day ago, the experienced Serbian colonel Zoltan Dani and his crew of about 200 men, using a pimped up russian anti-aircraft system from the early sixties, shot down, for the first and only time ever, a F117 jet.U.S. black hawks and apache helicopters arrived 6 minutes before the Serbian special forces (cobras), and managed to save the American pilot, a certain captain Ken Dwelle, but not the jet hehehe.Few months later, the British cancelled a just signed deal to purchase f117 jets from the U.S. ehehehehe.As for the colonel, he owns a pastry shop these days, so you can order some pastry from him if you find yourself in Skoronevac (small town in northern Serbia). They are even making a documentary piece about him, titled „Zlatni Zoltan“, which translates: „Golden Zoltan“.Disclaimer: I picked all the information from today’s newspapers (this is the original article, no english version available though). And if you dare to trust the evil western sources, check out this article with a few tips on how to take down an F117 Nighthawk.p.s. Sorry, we didn’t know it was invisible bwahahahaha